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Production Management


Production Management is one of the most important and sensitive basis in the whole Production process, Art Bright realizes the importance and the impact of production management on various technical work and dramas. Successful and efficient production management leads to successful work. Production management bears lots of responsibilities to serve their duties to the fullest and avoid errors that could lead to negative criticism. Therefore, managing production is a highly sensitive and critical process which should be taken step by step carefully.

Professionalism is what you will get when you choose Art Bright for managing production of your project, and in accordance with a modern concept in both scientific and practical aspects, and this encompasses:

  • – Production management.
  • Production executives.
  • Locations managers.
  • Production assistants.
  • Assistant Director.


It is worth mentioning that the production manager must possess specific professional qualities which include knowing the vocabulary used in the production process, having a business mentality, having lots of relations in the media field, besides having lots of strong managing skills, and being patient as well as being quick-witted.