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The compares are ordinary citizens that play an additional and extra simple role in one of the shows. Compares are important but less than the main characters of the story who are the hero, the heroine, and the main actors. The compares are only people used to complete the scenes and add natural life to it, like people sitting in a restaurant, people walking in streets, someone selling ice cream, a taxi driver, and else.

The word “Compares” came originally from the Italian word “compares”, which means secondary characters. Compares are people that are not directly related to the story, but they are important to complete the missing little details of the scene.

Art Bright believes in the importance of compares, therefore, we provide you with many pictures of the compares actors from men, women, young and old people to boys, girls, and children. Finding the wanted characters contributes in completing the necessary elements for the scenes of the film. Art Bright can provide you with all ages of both sexes.