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Workshops are useful for:

  • * Education, training, and group learning.
  • * Group planning and cooperation between the team.
  • * Obtaining constructive alternatives for doing the work.
  • * Getting maximum participation of participants, thus more ideas.



Here is some advice for a successful workshop:

  1. Assign tasks that are useful and make sense to the participants.
  2. Encourage teamwork between the participants and informality.
  3. Wait for each group’s own solution, take it into consideration, and discuss it with all groups.
  4. Applaud innovative solutions and praise these ideas.
  5. Assign responsibility to participants for follow-up action.
  6. Epitomize and record findings upon completion.
  7. Don’t allow domination of the discussion or lecture.
  8. Don’t allow irrelevant diversions.
  9. Don’t permit activities and topics to get out of hands.
  10. Don’t worry about the non-participation individuals, just note it for future investigation.
  11. People are usually very motivated to attend workshops, and are flexible over the length and frequency of sessions; they can also offer a series of workshops that build on one another. This is all because of the advantages that workshops give for participants which include:
  • * Practical application of learning to the real world and the world of work is very supportive.
  • * The ability to improve skill development including communication, teamwork, and presentation.
  • * Problem-solving, hands-on learning, enhancement, and development of creative solutions.
  • * New Information about professional vocations and study routes.
  • * The development of understanding about the subject.