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Jabal Alwibdeh
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Online Advertisement

Online Advertisement

Do you want to benefit the most of the any website’s large audience? Are you thinking of a way you can contact them? Don’t worry; we have the solution for you.

Online advertising is one of the most important digital marketing services that Art Bright provides you with. We aim to deliver your advertisement for users using banners of different sizes which are published on the selected websites, and this is what we call banner advertising.

Banner advertising is a form of online advertising which is even older than the search engines themselves, and its concept is pretty simple. Users who choose to click the banners, and they will end up on your website and hopefully will make a purchase.

Banner advertising has many advantages:

  1. Targeting effective audience.
  2. Versatility in Presentation which attracts visitors. You can use attractive rich media in your banners, such as animations, slideshows, and streaming media.
  3. Building brand recognition as banners makes the ads a useful marketing tool even when Web surfers don’t click the banner.
  4. Costing less than traditional advertising, therefore, less risk.
  5. Flexibility in advertising with unlimited words and pictures.
  6. The highly ability of convection because of its details.
  7. The ability to update, modify or redirect the advertisement any time without any additional costs.
  8. Providing instantaneous statistics, which enable you to follow your ad results and the turnout of the viewers anytime.

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