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Mobile Application

Mobile Application

Mobile applications can play a substantial role in improving business, but how have mobile apps come this far?

Mobiles have become part of our lives. When we get up from the bed, it slides in our hands instead of the morning soap, and when we sleep, it becomes our beloved pillow. Our day is not complete without our magical mobile devices; they became our 24 hours friends, many companies have realized the importance of mobile devices. When smartphones were released, mobile applications started to emerge in stores until it gained a great importance which made it worth billions of dollars.

We all know that customers go online searching for a product or service at the first place. Hence, you might be amazed if you knew that accessing the internet through smartphones is 40% of the total internet access in Arab countries. The percentage of people shopping online via their smartphones is 41%. It is predicted that the total money spent on marketing via mobile devices will reach 2.8 Billion USD Dollar in 2016 in the Middle East.

Mobile applications have become the most widespread and interactive digital communication system, it makes shopping easier and can be used all the time; it is also considered to be an essential way to overpass competitors, in addition to that, it helps to build a brand and to gain the satisfaction of the customers, mobile apps allow customers to have all your information at their fingertips. Additionally, it is very important that your app has to work on multiple mobile applications platforms.

Here are some of the biggest advantages of mobile apps for business:

  1. Cultivating loyalty.
  2. Reinforcing your brand and recognition.
  3. Increasing your accessibility.
  4. Increasing sell-through.
  5. Improving customer engagement and interacting.
  6. Increasing exposure across mobile devices.
  7. Being Visible to Customers at All Times.
  8. Standing out from the high competition.