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Art Bright
King Abdul Aziz Road, in front of Ministry of Labor.
P.O.Box 11494, Riyadh 17783
Phone: +966 11 494 2349
+966 50 029 1611

Jabal Alwibdeh
P.O.Box 910611, Amman 11191
Phone: +962 79 501 4408

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About Us

Who are we?

We are a community, embodied as a family of professionals in the variety of filmmakers, administrators, and technicians, event organizer. working together for the love of the arts in all its formats. A team like no other, a group like no other a family like no other.We are Art Bright.

Our Vision 

Human culture begins with a word and ends with a picture, we are the culture between them before them and after them, blending with words and images, this is our line of expertise and we stand on the grounds of ethics and profession which brought us nothing but success and prosperity and the development of conscience right in all forums.

Our Mission

Commitment and simplicity in task execution on a large scale; to reach out the target, make success stories and to ensure confidentiality and professionalism with all our clients.


-Development and skills development

-Anticipating customer expectations

-Keeping put current clients happy and to also gain new customers.

-Higher standard of quality and a much higher standard of service

These ate the foundations that we always abide by.

Our Future 

We recently celebrated our 15th year of success and ate happy to show that we have made a large impression in the field and although it seems as if we only started yesterday we have, by the grace of god, been able to achieve and maintain with all the new trends and techniques of media production, event organizer, and digital marketing.